The Narrative

I am in love with every step of the process. Taking the raw energy of your idea and distilling it into its most potent form. Finding the words to tell your story. Creating the images to say what words cannot. Synthesizing both words and images to build something greater. Translating all of it to a screen where the world is watching. And making sure they know to watch. Every opportunity a new adventure, every idea a new challenge.


Websites are the windows to the soul of your business. With the click of a button, anyone from your neighbors to potential visitors from Great Zimbabwe can discover what you have to offer. Many people create ugly, broken websites. I build beautiful, functional websites. I am interested in clients who want an interesting presence, no matter how slight. I am neither the cheapest designer on the block, nor anywhere near the most expensive. I take a great deal of time making sure your site is properly built to attract search engine traffic, pique visitor interest, and inform functionally.


Since the beginning I have loved the psychology of search engines, and have always included some level of optimization in my packages. After spending a few years doing branding and guerilla marketing, I now also offer more robust marketing packages. Together we can come up with a cohesive marketing strategy for your budget, focusing in on your targeting demographic and getting the word out.


I've worked with a lot of successful businesses, and one thing I've learned is that often an outside eye can be an invaluable resource. I am available to help you define a new product or offering, or to redefine an existing line to adapt to the changing times. A strong strategy is the foundation success is built upon.


I'm available for on-site photography, or to assist in post-production editing. I work with Canon equipment, shooting with digital SLRs and L-glass. For post-production I rely primarily on Aperture and Photoshop, but am able to export to any format you need. Photography is included with most design packages, but can also be purchased independently.


I am happy to work with new or established brands to help them come up with a comprehensive branding package. I can help you develop a business name, product line identities, and logos for your company. Together we can tell the story of your offerings through your visual identity.


Words are power in marketing, and on the internet this is doubly true. Not only does copy need to take into consideration the needs and desires of consumers, it also needs to cater to the whims of search engines, which use text in part to determine rankings. I work with you to make sure the text on your site reflects your business while ensuring optimization for the top engines.


If you'd like a quote on a service, please feel free to e-mail me at I am available for phone conversations as well, but prefer initial contact to be through e-mail.